Tips for Getting Approved

New affiliate accounts are checked by an account manager before they can run ads. Find out how to qualify for fast approval.

The Approval Process

When you first join a network, your account information will be reviewed by a member of the team working at the network. They check the information you entered on the sign up form is valid, and they also check to see that your website is working and not under construction.

Get Approved First Time

We want you to get approved quickly without any hassle!

When you sign up, we recommend filling out the form in it's entirety. Sign up using your real name and email address as this is required to send payemnts correctly. Only list websites you operate - this will be verified by an account manager.

So long as you follow this advice, you won't have any problems when joining and you'll be able to get started within the next 24 hours.

Websites on hosted blog sites like Blogger may not be allowed on some networks.

Bonus Advice

Try to make sure your website loads quickly - in under half a second! Use Google Page Speed to test how quickly your pages load and make improvements to reduce the load time.

Add a lot of unique content to your site to make it stand out from similar websites. Unique content will also help you to rank higher up in the search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Now You're Ready

Signing up to a new network only takes a few minutes.

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