Tips to Increase Sales

Discover how to increase your sales success rate by making some easy changes to the design of your movie website.

1. Let visitors know what they can watch

Including current streamable titles in your advert can have a massive positive effect on the number of sales you make. Seeing the kinds of content available can help drive sales to the advertiser's site.

2. Add banner ads to your pages

Adding an eye-cathing banner advert to your page will entice users to click the ad and land on the advertiser's website where they can choose to sign up for a premium account. Another sale made!

3. Mention the free trial

Everyone likes a freebie and that includes your website visitors. Increase your conversion rate by making sure your users know that they can sign up for a free trial period without any risks.

People are sometimes hesitant to sign up to a subscription service so a free trial puts their mind at ease because they can always cancel during the free trial to avoid paying any money.

4. Ask your account manager for advice

Account managers deal with these things on a daily basis and they also talk to affiliates who run huge websites with millions of visitors per month so they are in a good position to help you boost your sales. After all, they are often paid a bonus based on your performance - so we are all on the same team and evyone wins when leads can easily be increased!

You can also ask your account manager if you need help with any of the optimizations listed here.

5. See what popular sites do

It's a great idea to check out what the big players are doing. Search for similar websites online and see what methods the popular sites use to make money from their search traffic. Do they use a pop up advert or display banners? Will this work for you as well?

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